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The Art of Self Reinvention - Colorado Springs

Activate Your Natural Genius, Talents and Passion

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This workshop will help you create maps of meaning for activating new possibilities in your lifestyle, health business or career.  Discover new ways to create abundance aligned with your natural gifts, talents and passions. 

The Art of Self Reinvention

This live experiential event is designed to help you access your natural gifts in order to create a business, career or social impact project doing what you love.       

  Highlights of the Workshop

  • Get the insights to connect with your hearts calling and direct it to a career, business or social impact project

  • Learn the keys to maintain powerful focus, motivation, and action toward your goals

  • Identify inner mindset blocks or past traumas that may have been holding you back

  • Learn to activate the quantum field and attract what you desire with consistency

Learn how to chart your flow state activators to access a deeper level of drive and the state of unstoppable for achievement toward your goals.  If you want to set a new foundation for your work and lifestyle, this workshop will help you find clarity, focus and sustained long term motivation.

Additional Features of this Transformational Experience

  • Craft a new Story of Financial Abundance for Your Kingdom

  • Discover how shadow self can sabotage your intentions and how to overcome this

  • Create a Personal Mark of Power with our luminary Henna Tatoo Masters

  • Mediate - Dance - Storytell into a reality of greater freedom and abundance

During this training experience, we will explore the latest neuroscience and biohacking tools to unlock your potential for high-level achievement.   If your feeling dissatisfied in areas of life purpose, income or personal happiness this workshop will provide the recipe to greater happiness and fulfillment. 

                   - Turn What You Love Into What You Do - 

                      - Eliminate Any Barriers to Greatness -   

                             - Discover Your Superpowers - 

“Thumbs all the way up for Gieo’s The Art of Reinvention class. I found his class extremely helpful, insightful and empowering”

- Morganne Leigh - Santa Fe, NM